1951 Custom Mercury in Round Rock

Written by Ken Altes

Custom 1951 Mercury Tudor Sedan with LS2 engine, 1949 Buick Roadmaster taillights and rear bumper, grille from 1953 Desoto, front bumper from 1949 Mercury, with bags to lift it off the road. The seats are from a 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan upholstered by Sean Johnston, owner of Fat Luckys.1951 Custom Mercury in Austin TX mercury 1951 ls motor 1951 Custom Mercury in Austin TX interior1951 Custom Mercury in Austin TX rear1951 Custom Mercury in Austin Texas

Custom 1941 Chevrolet Business Coupe in Gladewater, Texas

Written by Ken Altes

I found interesting cars and trucks all along my recent jaunt to E. Texas.  Looking halfway like a cab, It has a 1969 Chevy front suspension, rear axle, a four speed auto and speed parts on the straight six engine.  I love to see the original”Stovebolt” inline, OHV six-cylinder engines, the only engine Chevy offered from 1929 until the “small block” V8 joined the stable in 1955.  The earliest of these engines were known as “stovebolt” sixes because some of the bolts in the the engine looked like those used in woodstoves.

1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-interior 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-seats 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-rear 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-engine 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-in-gladewater-tx 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-front-view