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1968 Plymouth GTX at Bastrop Car Show

Written by Ken Altes

A little fancier than it’s stablemate Road Runner, the 440 cu in Magnum V8 and TorqueFlight auto were standard.Plymouth 1968 GTX posted

1938 Plymouth Four Door Sedan in East Texas

Written by Ken Altes

During a jaunt to the deep, dark East Texas forests near Jasper, Texas, and came upon this gem near my cabin.

1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-tx-atxcarpics-com 1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-tx-atxcarpics-com-dashboard 1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-tx-atxcarpics-com-interior 1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-tx-atxcarpics-com-back-seat 1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-tx-atxcarpics-com-emblem1938-plymouth-four-door-sedan-in-jasper-texas-atxcarpics-com

Kris’ 1939 Plymouth Business Coupe in N. Dallas

Written by Ken Altes

At this trip to Home Depot, this was the oldest, and coolest, thing there. Kris bought the finished car from a S. Texas fellow. Powered by a 318 Mopar V8. This car looks even better the closer you  get to it. Love the stance, the rarity, the paint and the Cragars.

1953 Plymouth Suburban Woody in NW Austin

Written by Ken Altes

In 1949, Plymouth introduced the first all-steel body station wagon, the Suburban.  This 1953 could have the new Hydrive automatic transmission, a manual with a torque converter that eliminated shifting between second and third, sharing its oil with the engine.  Specifications for this car here.  Seems like a very rare car because I couldn’t find another on the web.  (The car, a Cisitalia Abarth, at top left sold at auction in Austin for $4.2 million.)

1953 Plymouth Woody Station Wagon for Sale in Austin Texas 1953 Plymouth Woody Station Wagon for Sale in Austin TX