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$1 Million Ferrari F40 Supercar at Ferrari store on N. Lamar

Written by Ken Altes

Not for sale but on loan from a friend of Austin’s Ferrari dealership, this is a really significant car. At the time of its debut, it was the first production car to break 200 mph. Light weight (2500 lbs) and 471 hp from a twin turbo 3 litre V8, created for a race series that was discontinued before the car was presented. More info on wiki. This sparkling car has travelled less than 200 miles. Cost $400k in 1988. A great surprise to find.

Ferrari F40 in the windowFerrari F40 in Austin TX with 150 milesFerrari F40 in Austin TX V8 under clear rear cover.JPGFerrari F40 in Austin TX

1983 De Tomaso Longchamp at Motostalgia Auction

Written by Ken Altes

I really like this car but didn’t know about it before seeing it at Motostalgia’s Austin auction at COTA. Plush leater seats and a mean stance. This is the rarer sport version. 1983 De Tomaso Longchamp atxcarpics.com front 1983 De Tomaso Longchamp atxcarpics.com interior 1983 De Tomaso Longchamp atxcarpics.com 1983 De Tomaso Longchamp in Austin TX 1983 De Tomaso Longchamp Motostalgia Auction

On My Travels: Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Sicily

Written by Ken Altes

The Lancia Montecarlo is similar to the US version, the Scorpion. This is the second series available from 1980 to 1981, designed by Pininfarina. It’s powered by a 2 litre twin cam engine located behind the seats.Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com front Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com rear Lancia Montecarlo, Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com

On My Travels: Ferrari 412 Near Hitler’s Bunker in Berlin

Written by Ken Altes

Here is another more practical, four seat Ferrari with a front-mounted V12. I discovered this Ferrari 412 on a flatbed approximately above Hitler’s last stand in his underground bunker in Berlin, and a block or two inside the old Berlin Wall. Almost 3000 of this series was built from 1975 to 1989. I like these handsome cars a lot and found a similar one for sale a while back on N. Lamar in Austin.Ferrari 412 in Berlin Germany on truck Ferrari 412 in Berlin Germany