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1941 Cadillac Convertible in Central Dallas

Written by Ken Altes

This lovely 1941 Cadillac Convertible was in someone’s circular driveway near Southern Methodist University in N. Central Dallas. I had to go around the block on a busy street to get this shot. How elegant it its!

Original 1946 Ford Pickup Truck at an ATX Cafe

Written by Ken Altes

I learned to drive in a similar 1946 Ford pickup truck when I was 12. For a few years, a coupe of times each summer I would spend a few days a hundred or so miles NE of Dallas, in Pittsburg, Texas. I helped an old fellow tend his small herd of cattle, pigs and cucumbers on a small farm that he leased about seven miles from town. At first, I drove only in the pastures, then on the sandy roads, then finally on the rural two lane highway to his house at the outskirts of the small town. It was a great learning experience. His truck was pretty worn and it’s top speed was about 37 mph before the front end vibrated too much.

1946 Ford Pickup at Bouldin Creek Cafe, Austin TX 1946 Ford Pickup interior    1946 Ford Pickup rear 1946 Ford Pickup, Austin TX

1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible at Auction

Written by Ken Altes

At an auction at the Circuit of the Americas, the Formula One race track in Austin, Texas.  This wonderful car exudes class and exclusivity and sold for $55,000.1949-cadillac-at-motostalgia-auction-austin-tx 1949-cadillac-at-motostalgia-auction-austin-texas

1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan in N. Austin – with Corvette Engine and Brakes

Written by Ken Altes

At about 4600 Burnet Rd, I found this 1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan. While I snapped my pics, the owner, Eddie, came out and told me about it: 327 V8 & front disc brakes from a 1963 Corvette; converted to 12 volt system; tilt steering; new interior; turn signals; new battery, fuel pump, carb, tires coil, ignition wires and resistor, windshield wiper arms, brakes. It’s nice!