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1967 Pontiac GTO in S. Austin, Texas

Written by Ken Altes

Parked at the curb, this dazzling GTO was glowing under the bright summer sun. Outstanding condition, color and model (and wheels).

Update: the owner of this exquisite 1967 Pontiac GTO, Jason Napolski, spotted his car on our facebook page, and sent us this message: “Thanks for posting, I am the owner, some under the hood photos for all to enjoy, Thanks for looking!”  It’s his engine picture below.

Its fun to get messages from owners of cars that I’ve posted, and, so far, they all seem pleased.   1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin Texas1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin TX front  1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin TX rear1967 Pontiac GTO S. 1st Perf, Austin TX engine1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin  1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin TX interior1967 Pontiac GTO in Austin TX side

1960 Lincoln Hardtop Coupe in ATX

Written by Ken Altes

Discovered at a used car lot just west of Austin on Hwy 290, these Lincolns have a 131 in. wheelbase and a 430 cu. in. MEL engine.1960 Lincoln Coupe Austin TX front 1960 Lincoln Coupe Austin TX rear1960 Lincoln Coupe Austin TX dash instruments1960 Lincoln Coupe Austin TX for sale1960 Lincoln Coupe Austin Texas

C1 Corvette in Austin Car Show

Written by Ken Altes

This handsome first generation Chevrolet Corvette looks stock except for the power bulge on the hood.