Custom 1941 Chevrolet Business Coupe in Gladewater, Texas

Written by Ken Altes

I found interesting cars and trucks all along my recent jaunt to E. Texas. This one is for sale. It has a 1969 Chevy front suspension, rear axle, a four speed auto and speed parts on the straight six engine. Asking $15k. 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-interior 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-seats 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-rear 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-engine 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-in-gladewater-tx 1941-custom-chevrolet-business-coupe-atxcarpics-com-front-view

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