Tout Juste Marie: Tom Sachs and a Citroen DS 19 in S. Austin

Written by Ken Altes

Google translates ‘Tout Juste Marie’ as ‘just married.’ A Facebook entry invited others to join artist Tom Sachs as he “tagged the Hotel St. Cecilia Citroen.”  He’s an artist about whose works, it has been said, are “… anything but harmless..,” and “… that utopias are taken out of their lofty heights of non-commitment and forced to stand with two legs ….”  Not sure about any of that, Tom, but what’s the deal with the Citroen?  (These incredibly advanced Citroens were introduced in 1955.)Citroen DS19 in Austin TX Tom Sachs Citroen DS19 in Austin TX detailCitroen DS19 in Austin TX and Woody Citroen DS19 in Austin TX Citroen DS19 in Austin Texas Citroen DS19 in Austin TX front

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