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Sunbeam Tiger in Lakeway

Written by Ken Altes

This Sunbeam Tiger was offered for sale at BZ Motors, linked at right.  These have small block Ford V8s, either 260 or 289 cu. in., created with help from Carroll Shelby for the British Rootes Group Apline roadster. The Ford V8 was lighter (440 lbs) than the Chevy small block and kept roughly the same front-to-back weight ratio as the small four cylinder it replaced, at about 52% front/48% rear. Very similar to the Shelby Cobra and could be made to be very quick. Put together in the Jensen factory, it’s production run was from 1964-67 when Chrysler bought Rootes.

Sunbeam Tiger in Austin TXSunbeam Tiger in Austin TX, interior

1960 Sunbeam Alpine on S. Lamar Today

Written by Ken Altes

Captured this car a while ago in another location. Pretty rare, good to see again.  This pretty British car has 80 hp.


1960 Sunbeam Alpine in Central South Austin

Written by Ken Altes

Sunbeam Alpines Series I were designed by the very famous Raymond Loewy, a great industrial designer who designed streamlined locomotives, Coke bottles, and two Studebakers, both landmarks: the 1953 Starliner and the Avanti.  These British cars had four cylinder engines but front disc brakes.