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1988 Renault Alpine GTA for Sale on N. Lamar

Written by Ken Altes

This low volume French car was a competitor to Porsche and more than held its own.  Fiberglass body panels bonded to a backbone frame, and a turbo V6.  More details here.  With only 37% of its weight over the front wheels, this rear engined car was capable of 6 sec. 0-60 mph and 150 mph. Very pretty four-seater.   Asking $28,900 for this car.  This particular car was featured in  “Bring a Trailer.”Renault Alpine for sale in Austin TX. frontRenault Alpine for sale in Austin TexasRenault Alpine for sale in Austin TX. emblemRenault Alpine for sale in Austin TX

Vintage TV Ads: 1957 Chevy Commercial Trucks, Renault Dauphine and 1959 Chevys

Written by Ken Altes

Great Chevy truck advertisement, plus you get to see Dinah Shore and Pat Boone pimp the 1959 Chevys. The Chevy truck ad is especially good.