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Nash Rambler Country Club for Sale at Coker Tire Co.

Written by Ken Altes

Two free tours every day at the Coker Tire Company in the historic center of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The cars and motorcycles are fantastic, and there are a lot of them spanning a half century. The guide is very knowledgeable describing the historically significant cars and the exquisite reconstruction and recreation of classic cars in this workshop. I was amazed. Highly recommended, and free, too! At the end of the tour there are a few cars for sale, including this 1954ish Nash Rambler Country Club.

1960 Rambler DeLuxe Sedan in E. Austin

Written by Ken Altes

This was my find of the day, and it was a good day. Really wasn’t familiar with this model but it does look like the smaller Mercedes sedan of the day (I did own one of those). This same fellow has a mid 50s Mercury that I posted earlier. 1960-rambler-deluxe-sedan-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com 1960-rambler-deluxe-sedan-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-side-view 1960-rambler-deluxe-sedan-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-rear 1960-rambler-deluxe-sedan-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-front-detail