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On My Travels: Pamela Popo’s Peugeot 404 in Paris

Written by Ken Altes

Pamela Popo turns out to be a restaurant in Paris. In fact, her website shows that this classic Peugeot 404 sedan is in front of her restaurant. The 404 was made from 1960 to 1975, and made under license in Africa until 1991. More than 1.8 million variants of this durable car were built, with either a 1.6 gas, or 1.8 diesel, four cylinder engine. Its handsome lines were penned by Pininfarina.  Exploring Paris on a bicycle allows pretty wide coverage and ease of stopping to get a pic. So far, after four days, I haven’t found much else to stop for except a Daimler version of an 80s Jag sedan and a pristine NY Checker cab. My mom briefly had 504 wagon but it didn’t last long because it was without AC, in Dallas. Peugeots were tough with lots of wheel travel making them comfortable and good for rough going, explaining why they were so popular in Africa and as taxis.Peugeot 404 in Paris France front Peugeot 404 in Paris France at Pamela Popo restaurant Peugeot 404 in Paris France