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Personal Injury Law Has Been Very, Very Good to Him – Maybach 57S at Ciscos on E. 6th St

Written by Ken Altes

Captured outside Cisco’s historic restaurant on East 6th St., where, presumably, Mr. Buzbee, the principal of the Buzbee Law firm,  was reassuring a potential client of the earnestness of his company’s motto, “Just Win.”  The Maybach is an ultra-luxury car from Mercedes resurrected in 1997 and running through 2013.  This model 57S was made beginning in 2005, and cost about $380k.  Adequately powered by a 6 liter V12 bi-turbo engine producing 603 hp and 738 ft-lbs of torque, BUZ B4 (?) was driven by a nattily dressed chauffeur cooling his heels at curbside. 57S Maybach in Austin TX detail 57S Maybach in Austin TX front 57S Maybach in Austin TX