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1942 Mack Truck in E. Texas

Written by Ken Altes

Recently, I took a drive in East Texas. In lovely Gladewater, there is a collector car dealer, Economy Automotive, in the smack dead center of town, and this 1942 Mack, model EHU, is his daily driver. Actually, it’s mostly a more recent one ton Chevrolet truck with this vintage Mack cab. Comparing it to the old pic, this fellow fabricated the front fenders and the grille bars. Nice truck, tho. (Here is an earlier post of a custom 1941 Chevy for sale by this same dealer.)1942-mack-truck-in-gladewater-tx-front 1942-mack-truck-in-gladewater-texas 1942-mack-truck-in-gladewater-tx-rear truck-mack-model-ehut-coe-tractor1942-mack-truck-in-gladewater-tx-2

Old Austin: White Super Power Trucks, 401 Colorado St

Written by Ken Altes

This picture was taken about 1950, I think, and shows two White trucks, likely WC-22s. They were made from at least 1947, running at least ten years. I was not able to find enough info on this truck, although it’s, IMO, one of the coolest trucks ever. mack-wc-22-truck-401-colorado-austin-tx

1931 Mack Greyhound Bus at Gateway Center

Written by Ken Altes

This cross-county bus has a powerful six cylinder engine; luxurious travel assured by riding on mohair seating and shock absorbers.  Took these pictures at a N. Austin stop for a national tour of vintage Greyhound busses.1931 Mack Greyhound Bus in Austin TX 1931 Mack Greyhound Bus detak. 1931 Mack Greyhound Bus rear