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A Few Cars from Worldwide Auctions Pacific Grove Monterey Last Year.

Written by Ken Altes

1938 Talbot-Lago  1955 Lancia

1956 Dual Ghia

1910 Pierce Four

On My Travels: Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Sicily

Written by Ken Altes

The Lancia Montecarlo is similar to the US version, the Scorpion. This is the second series available from 1980 to 1981, designed by Pininfarina. It’s powered by a 2 litre twin cam engine located behind the seats.Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com front Lancia Montecarlo in Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com rear Lancia Montecarlo, Messina, Italy atxcarpics.com