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My Favorite Lamborghini – 1966 350 GT

Written by Ken Altes

I found this impressive Lambo in Carmel, California, last year at the Concorso Italiano show. Concorso Italiano

Lamborghinis at the Movies in Central Dallas

Written by Ken Altes

The ragtop is a Gallardo, and the other two are Aventadors. I want the white one. Nice neighborhood.Lamborghinis in Dallas, atxcarpics.com Lamborghini Gallardo in Dallas TX atxcarpics.comYellow Lamborghini Aventador in Dallas Texas atxcarpics.comWhite Lamborghini Aventador in Dallas atxcarpics.com White Lamborghini Aventador, Dallas TX atxcarpics.com Yellow Lamborghini Aventador in Dallas TX atxcarpics.com

Lamborghini Countach in Round Rock – Or Is It?

Written by Ken Altes

Badged properly, fit and finish looked good, but fender seemed to be fiberglass. Anyone know for sure if this is a real Lamborghini Countach? ¬†Couldn’t find any pictures of the compound air inlets forward of the rear wheels, nor the exhaust pipe arrangement. ¬†Lots of kit cars were built but none I’ve seen look this good.

photo 2photo 1photo 3Lamborghini Countach 1photo 4

It’s Not a Lamborghini

Written by Ken Altes

Kit car made on Pontiac Fiero tub with hot Chevy V8, at S. 1st Performance in S. Austin – see link at right side of blog.

Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini Kit Car in Austin TX

Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini Kit Car at S 1st Performance Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini Kit Car in austinLamborghini Kit Car in Austin TX