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Kawasaki KZ650 in S. Austin

Written by Ken Altes

This Kawasaki KZ650 was at the now-defunct Horsepower Farm on S. Lamar. Wiki says it’s a great handling bike with good power and about 465 lbs. Kawasaki KZ650

Kawasaki Kz1000 at Revival Cycles in E. Austin

Written by Ken Altes

Tough looking motorcycle getting service at Revival Cycles (link at right), when introduced for 1977, at 83 hp (and 90 hp the next year) running through a five speed transmission, the Kz1000 was the most powerful motorcycle available. This superbike does 1/4 mile in low 12 seconds, and reaches a top speed of almost 140 mph. Kawasaki KZ1000 at Revival Cycles, Austin TX

Best Kawasaki? KZ650 at Lady Bird Lake

Written by Ken Altes

Available 1976 to 1983, the Kawasaki KZ650 continues to be much admired. In fact, our own Limey (see link at right) likes this bike the most to modify and enjoy. Reliable, handsome, powerful (64 hp and 120 mph) with excellent handling, it is the core of innumerable cafe racers, it was good to find a nice, unmolested example.Kawasaki KZ650 Ausitn TX

Vintage Kawasaki Meguro SG 250 at Revival Cycles

Written by Ken Altes

Made from 1964 to 1969, the SG 250 was based on a Meguro design for this four-stroke 250cc single making 18 hp at 7000 rpm.   Meguro was the oldest Japanese motorcycle manufacturer (1909), when it merged with Kawasaki in 1963.  More info on Meguro models here.  Could not find any explanation for the “170” on the tank knee pads but one webpage imagined that it was a code in katakana for “Meguro”, using this Japanese syllabary for the transcription of words in a foreign language.  Not sure what it means, but it’s interesting.

Vintage Kawasaki Meguro SG 250