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Bad Karma: Fisker Fail, in Round Rock

Written by Ken Altes

Fisker Karma in Round Rock TX frontFisker Karma in Round Rock TexasFisker Karma in Round Rock TX solar roofFisker Karma in Round Rock TX emblemFisker in Round Rock TexasA plug-in hybrid, about 2400 Fisker Karmas were sold in the US from 2011 to 2013 when it went bankrupt. Dual 161 hp motors and a turbocharged GM gas 200cc Ecotec engine that is used as a generator only.  At a wheelbase of 124 inches and its batteries, it weighs approx. 5300 lbs, but can dash to 60 in 6.3 seconds but can travel only about 31 miles on its battery alone.  Batteries run up the middle of the floor, allowing a very small interior, classified as a “subcompact.” The interior is eco friendly with salvaged/reclaimed wood, and the leather for the interior uses much more of the typical cow hide that would include scars and other visual imperfections. But, a new company, VL Automotive, has formed to put in place of the hybrid system a supercharged Corvette engine making more than 500 hp.