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Race Week Special: Vintage Races Next Weekend

Written by Ken Altes

Elva Couriers were made in England as street cars, available as a kit or complete car.  Box frame holding Triumph  front and rear suspensions and clothed in fiberglass powered by four cylinder engines.  I captured this lovely 1963 Elva Courier MK III at last year’s vintage races at the Circuit of the Americas. It has a MGB engine.

It’s that time of year again. Don’t miss it: more than 600 vintage race cars competing in 12 classes. Full access to the cars in the paddock and owners and crews.  Park at the track. See you at the races.

1963 Elva Courier MkIII, Austin TX1963 Elva Courier MkIII, Austin Texas1963 Elva Courier MkIII, Austin TXi nfo