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Road Trip: 1956 DeSoto Fireflite Sedan in Idaho

Written by Ken Altes

This Idaho 1956 DeSoto Fireflite 4-Door sedan is powered by a 291ci Hemi V8 making 185 hp, propelling its 4000 lbs to 60 mph in ten seconds, topping out at about 105 mph and getting 12 mpg in everyday driving.

I was on my way to Washington State and got a number of excellent pics in Glenns Ferry, Idaho.  Generally, I avoid the superhighways as much as I can, preferring to go through the center of the small towns and down the two lane highways.  My satellite navigation allows me to select those back roads and still get to where I want to go.

1948ish Desoto Deluxe Club Coupe at CTC Auto Ranch

Written by Ken Altes

I’ve gotten a bunch of great pics at this large N. Texas salvage yard specializing in old cars.  CTC Auto Ranch in Denton, Texas.  Check out this aerial drone view of this great yard.

Rusting Cars including Surprise Car Near Manor

Written by Ken Altes

What’s that car tightly sandwiched between the 1969 Mercury Montego and pickup in a field of rusting cars near Manor? I think it’s possibly a rare 1934-36 DeSoto Airflow. Along with the Chrysler Airflow, these were incredibly advanced cars featuring significant safety and handling characteristics plus aerodynamic bodies. The cars were technical successes but market failures. To combat public questions about the safety of the new unibody construction, Chrysler demonstrated its strength with a number of stunts, including running one off a cliff, video below.

Rusted cars East of Austin ATXcarPICS.com

1959 Desoto Adventurer Sportsman at Motostalgia Auction at COTA

Written by Ken Altes

Great fins, but even better bumpers. Powered by 383 cu. in. V8, with 2 x 4 carbs making 350 hp.

1959 Desoto Adventurer Sportsman in Austin TX front1959 Desoto Adventurer Sportsman in Austin TX interior 1959 Desoto Adventurer Sportsman in Austin TX taillight1959 Desoto Adventurer Sportsman in Austin TX rear