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Bultacos and Gilera Motorcycles on the Wall at Revival Cycles in East Austin

Written by Ken Altes

When I write my novel, I will have character (probably me), named Bulto, after the founder of Bultaco Motorcycles, formed in 1959 with many racing techs from the Montesa motorcycle company when it withdrew from racing.  Bultaco revolutionized trail racing in the 60s with two stroke engines. Built in Barcelona, Spain but ceased production about 1980.

This is my first visit to Revival and it is an extraordinary place.  I have a permanent link to Revival Cycles at the right side of this blog.  Here is how they describe themselves:

Motorcycles are our passion, and we are here to support this passion in our fellow riders. It      doesn’t matter what you ride, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a bike (yet). The only thing that matters is that you have passion for motorcycles. We are more than a repair shop, more than a custom shop and more than a place to get gear. We are a cultural center for motorcyclists.

I get it, really fascinating place. I want to join this club.

Bultacos on Wall at Revival Motor Revival Cycles Lamp, Sliced EngineGilera Motorcycle EngineVintage Gilera Motorcycle at Revival Motorcycles in Ausitn TX