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Handsome 1974 Datsun 260Z in N. Austin, Texas

Written by Ken Altes

Best looking one I’ve seen in a long while.  This Datsun 260Z has a fully independent suspension, rack and pinion steering, a strong 162 hp overhead cam straight six and about 3000 lbs. Truly a classic.

Nissan 260Z in Austin TXNissan 260Z in Austin TX rear

Nixon’s AMC Gremlin in North Austin

Written by Ken Altes

Bob Nixon, that is, designed the AMC Gremlin by lopping off the rear of an existing model.  Apparently a good, solid economy car with a large range of engines, from a two liter Audi four to a five liter V8. Approximately the same length as a VW Beetle, road tests of the time said it handled well and was quick. Still, not a good decade for Nixons.

AMC Gremlin in Austin TX AMC Gremlin in Austin TX rear

Citroen SMs in Palm Springs

Written by Ken Altes

Mid 1970s Citroen SMs in front of a typical Mid-Century Modern home in Palm Springs, California, when I visited a few years ago.