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Old Texas: Ford Dealership in Taylor, Texas, in 1926

Written by Ken Altes

This vintage picture shows a rare 1903 Ford and a ‘new’ Model T. The Smith Motor Company was located at 406 Talbot Street, in Taylor, Texas. Picture was taken in 1926.old austin texas  Smith Motor Company located at 406 Talbot Street, Taylor., 1926

Oldsmobile Curved Dash – First Mass-Produced Car at Elite Motorsports in NW Austin

Written by Ken Altes

This landmark car was just sold, and out of place with the high end Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches that Elite Motorsports specializes in.   This Olds was made from 1901 to 1907, has a one cylinder, 5 hp engine pushing it to 20 mph. Elite Motorsports has served Austin enthusiasts since 1987.  Visit their showroom at 11906 Anderson Mill Road, at Hwy 620. See their permanent link at right under ATX Motor Links.

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