Sexy Safety? 1975 Bricklin SV1 Gullwing for Sale in Round Rock

Written by Ken Altes

Eccentric, by his own admission, Walter Russell is co-inventor of the essential crowd pleaser: the T-shirt cannon.  The prototype is displayed in his office, and pictured below. He also owns Raven Auto Body at 1804 S IH-35 in Round Rock. This Bricklin SV1 is his second Bricklin, the first one he bought new. Powered by a 351 cu. in. Ford Windsor V8, they weighed about 3500 lbs. and were built from 1974 to 1976 in Canada.  The body was unique at the time:  fiberglass with bonded acrylic in five “safety” colors: white, red, green, orange and suntan. Suspension and brakes come from the AMC Hornet. Check out this surprising comparison between a Bricklin and a Corvette.  Only car built with power-operated gullwing doors.

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