Rusting Cars including Surprise Car Near Manor

Written by Ken Altes

What’s that car tightly sandwiched between the 1969 Mercury Montego and pickup in a field of rusting cars near Manor? I think it’s possibly a rare 1934-36 DeSoto Airflow. Along with the Chrysler Airflow, these were incredibly advanced cars featuring significant safety and handling characteristics plus aerodynamic bodies. The cars were technical successes but market failures. To combat public questions about the safety of the new unibody construction, Chrysler demonstrated its strength with a number of stunts, including running one off a cliff, video below.

Rusted cars East of Austin

2 comments on “Rusting Cars including Surprise Car Near Manor

  1. I think you’re right. It is most likely 1935 DeSoto Airflow, Six-Passenger Sedan if there’s a little window behind the tree, and Six-Passenger Town Sedan if no window.

  2. I took a bunch of photos of this field of cars some time ago, and thought I had ID’d them all. But, I was really surprised when I blew up this pic to see a strange car in the middle. I thought it was a Desoto because the arc of the roof suggested its a short wheelbase Airflow. I don’t know the different variations so it’s good to get your agreement and a bit more info. Thanks, Tulku, for the message.

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