Rare 1959 Factory 4×4 Ford F100 with Diesel Power

Written by Ken Altes

This very interesting third generation Ford F100 features factory four wheel drive. Before this, outside suppliers fitted the 4×4 system after truck assembly. Introduced in 1959, Ford beat GM and Dodge to this factory option. This particular truck appears stock except for a 4 cylinder Cummins 4BT 3.9 liter diesel powerplant. First available in 1983, the Cummins was widely used for delivery trucks to wood chippers, turning out 105 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. It’s a coarse-running motor with poor fuel consumption, and weighs about 800 lbs, about 175 lbs. more than the stock 272 or 292 cu.in Y-Block (Ford’s first OHV V8 engine design).


truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-quarter truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-quarter-2 truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-view truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-interiortruck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-tag truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-side-view truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-dashboard truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-rear-quarter

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