Rare 1940 Hupmobile at Lonestar Round Up

Written by Ken Altes

Using bodies from bankrupt Cord, Hupmobile and Graham made a small number of these cars trying to forestall their own demises, unsuccessfully. I could not find any pictures to confirm this as a 1940, but only a mention of 1939 Hupmobile Junior Six with this particular hood and headlights. 1940 Hupmobile in Austin Texas 1940 Hupmobile in Austin TX contact for sale1940 Hupmobile   Austin TX

2 comments on “Rare 1940 Hupmobile at Lonestar Round Up

  1. The “Junior Six” employing the Cord hood is certainly an oddity and a discovery at the same time. Saw this car in person and it had greater potential than what the advancing patina would tend to suggest. Rod or restore; importantly, someone SAVE IT.

  2. Hi Wayne, I’m always interested in your take on these interesting cars. Done a bit of research on this car and cannot really nail it down. Ken

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