Quirky, Innovative Citroen 2CV6 Special at N. Austin Bike Shop

Written by Ken Altes

Citroen 2CV6 Special in Austin TX detailI’ll let wikipedia explain its name: “(French: “deux chevaux” i.e. “deux chevaux-vapeur” (lit. “two steam horses”), “two tax horsepower”).”  Its design was initiated before WWII but not put into production until 1948 as a cheap, light, durable car to get rural France on wheels. Unique suspension allows very long travel for a great ride while giving it rough road capability and good handling owning to low center of gravity. Two cylinder, air cooled boxer engine. Car weighs as little as 1300 lbs. This example is a 1976 edition. Iconic, significant car, kind of the Model T of France. Again from wiki: “Noted automotive author L. J. K. Setright described the 2CV as “the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car”, calling it a car of “remorseless rationality”.” For fun, I found a bunch of 2CV rat rods that are pretty interesting.  The red car photo comes from the internet, someone’s attempt at a Picasso 2CV.Citroen 2CV6 Special - Austin TXCitroen 2CV6 Special in Austin TexasCitroen 2CV6 PicassoCitroen 2CV6 Special in Austin TX side view

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