Perfect 1962 Imperial Crown Coupe at S. Austin Beer Garden

Written by Ken Altes

Stunning, perfect 1962 Imperial coupe at the Austin Beer Garden Brewery. 4650 Crown Imperils were manufactured this year. Powered by a 413 cu. in. wedge V8 making 340 hp, twisting a three speed TorqueFlight transmission, the car weighed about 4540 lbs, riding on a 129″ wheelbase. The Crown was midway between the base Custom and the top end LeBaron.Version 31962 Imperial in Austin TX, taillight 1962 Imperial in Austin TX emblem 1962 Imperial in Austin TX hood ornament1962 Imperial in Austin TX rear view

One comment on “Perfect 1962 Imperial Crown Coupe at S. Austin Beer Garden

  1. I used to own this car! It’s name was Mr. Dixon. It came from Wilmington, NC. Bought from an older gentleman (Mr. Dixon) from Independence, MO, it had spent much of it’s life at a vacation home in Colorado. It was a very low mileage car and in impeccable shape. It was a real treat for me to see that it is still being loved on by someone.

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