Modified 1965 Ford Galaxie Hardtop for Sale in N. Austin

Written by Ken Altes

This very impressive 1965 Ford Galaxie Hardtop is being sold by a friend on Craigslist and can be seen at Quality Auto Body at 8131 N. Lamar (at Hwy 183 – check their incredible Yelp rating). The car is in great condition and has been modified to make it a great daily driver that will turn a lot of heads your way. Enjoy the fresh 352 V8, disc brakes all around and the cold A/C. I dropped by the shop earlier this week and found a number of very impressive custom cars, both owned by staff and by clients. This company does great work on modern current cars as well as collector cars. 1965-ford-galaxie-hardtop-atxcarpics-com-austin-tx 1965-ford-galaxie-hardtop-atxcarpics-com-austin-tx-interior 1965-ford-galaxie-hardtop-atxcarpics-com-austin-tx-engine1965-ford-galaxie-hardtop-atxcarpics-com-austin-texas

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