Lisa’s 1960 Parkwood Chevy Wagon with LS Power

Written by Ken Altes

Spotted this interesting car at a recent air and car show. Lisa found it on our FB page and filled in the details:

LS3 with a cam from a 2001 chevy truck, 4L60 trans. Took her on the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2015 drove her 4000 miles round trip. Had some issues with the stock rear axle bearings, but fixed them both up. Yep, she has Vintage Air A/C, but hardly need to run it with the windows all down. Power rear tailgate window is stock, really nice. Roof is painted and was flaked, but the remaining body is all natural! No body work, rust patina that I seal a couple times a year with Shark Hide (a marine finish). I also did all my own upholstery and interior. Left the dash her stock, although faded, color. Gauges are modern as well from Classic Instruments. Original American Racing rims.”

1960 Parkwood Chevy wagon 1960 Parkwood Chevy wagon interior 1960 Parkwood Chevy wagon dashboard1960 Parkwood Chevy wagon engine Version 2

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