Lamborghini Countach in Round Rock – Or Is It?

Written by Ken Altes

Badged properly, fit and finish looked good, but fender seemed to be fiberglass. Anyone know for sure if this is a real Lamborghini Countach? ¬†Couldn’t find any pictures of the compound air inlets forward of the rear wheels, nor the exhaust pipe arrangement. ¬†Lots of kit cars were built but none I’ve seen look this good.

photo 2photo 1photo 3Lamborghini Countach 1photo 4

2 comments on “Lamborghini Countach in Round Rock – Or Is It?

  1. Thats an ugly replica, could have tried to get the tail lights right

  2. Mike, that’s what I was thinking but I’ve seen some really awful fakes. I was pretty sure that fiberglass was not correct. Thanks for your comment.

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