El Toro Cubano, Mysterious Black Rat Rod Tractor Trailer with Custom Harley Aboard — What’s the Story??

Written by Ken Altes

Two weeks ago, motoring into New York City to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter and extended family, I slowed down to get a better look, and pictures, of this impressive, custom, black (long wheelbase) tractor trailer. Cool as it was, it had a bonus: A custom motorcycle (Harley Davidson?) perched between the cab and the trailer.  On the back of the cab was a large graphic saying: El Toro Cubano, Aug. 3, 1923 – Mar. 31, 2015, and Size Does Matter II. What does it all mean? Also, notice the windshield visor is pushed almost to the glass, covering most of it. The custom motorcycle has number 69 on it and HARD on the gas tank. UPDATE: After I posted a note about it on Facebook, Chad Switzer identified it as an East Coast Large Cars truck (such a weird name). Chad explained that this Peterbuilt was modified perhaps as many as 15 years ago, and was named, ‘Awesome Pete — Project 350.’ — it has a 350″ wheelbase — and has been further modified since this youtube video was made.)el-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-full-view el-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-view-motorcycle el-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-detail el-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-motorcycle-harley el-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-windshield-visorel-toro-cubano-motorcycle-rat-rod-tractor-trailer-motorcycle-detail



13 comments on “El Toro Cubano, Mysterious Black Rat Rod Tractor Trailer with Custom Harley Aboard — What’s the Story??

  1. I was driving down I-95 S from Providence, RI to Orlando, FL with my daughter on Dec 27, 2016 and we came upon this rig just south of Newark. The custom Harley was aboard, but unlike the photos above, the trailer it was pulling that day was all black as well. We ran parallel for maybe 15-20 miles and I was similarly intrigued by the whole setup. It eventually exited at I-276 and we continued on our way down the Turnpike.

  2. just saw the tractor, trailer and motor cycle today at 7 a.m. in Palmyra nj, in Roger Wilco parking lot. Very different and Kool.

  3. I saw it this morning on Route 18th South Freehold, NJ

  4. I saw it this morning on Route 18th South, Freehold, NJ. It was shiny and a beautiful trailer the memorial on the back of the cab was beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture but I was driving.

    • I saw this today at the NAM Motorcycle / Car Show in Carlstat NJ. What a great show it was not to mention this Rat Rig.

  5. Saw this truck on Moonachie Rd in Moonachie ,NJ yesterday…looked slightly different, 2 big American flags, I think the stacks were black..could be wrong…very impressive!!!

  6. Saw awesome Pete today Costco Hackensack nj

  7. Saw it today on PA Turnpike heading west towards King Of Prussia. He has been adding some features since. Really cool. Blue lights, long black trailer with the saying I ME I TRUST with a blue devil logo on the back.

  8. I saw this on Rte 1 in West Windsor, NJ. I stopped and got out of my car to take some pictures. Very cool

  9. I seen that rig twice, once in Elizabeth new jersey and the second time in the quick check in carstadt Very unique

  10. Saw this truck regularly in Hackensack/Teterboro area (NJ). Looks much more impressive in person. Haven’t seen it around in several months.

  11. The owner/driver of this truck died to a drug overdose. Richie Acosta

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