Dan Gurney’s 1967 Lola T30 3 b Race Car

Written by Ken Altes

Watched, and listened, to this impressive race car at the recent Corinthian vintage races in College Station. This car was raced unsuccessfully by the very famous Dan Gurney (in the last race it was piloted by the also famous Swede Savage), dropping out of every race in 1967 due to engine and transmission failures. Had a great V8 sound, and one of the more significant race cars at this event. Here are more details and pictures of its 1967 race season.  Internet says this car had the Ford Weslake 6200 cc V8 (378 cu. in.) created for Gurney by the British company Weslake. This car originally might have had the later Mk III version of the 305 cu. in. Ford V8, most famously used to win Le Mans in the seminal Ford GT40s in 1967 and 1968.  Not too sure of these facts.  This car may not have the original engine but another small block Ford. Owned and raced by Rob Rowley.

1967-Lola-T70-front-view11967 Lola T70 info race results 1967 Lola T70 info1967-Lola-T70-rear-view

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