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Remarkable 1940s Film of Hot Rod Racers and Racing

Written by Ken Altes

In these scenes at Southern California racetrack with hot rods and drivers, you will see drivers that will become legendary, including the 1960 Indianapolis 500 winner, Jim Rathmann.


Great c. 1952 Film of Hot Rods at Bonneville Salt Flats

Written by Ken Altes

“Outlaw hotrodders become law-abiding gearheads after a community organizes supervised racing clubs and timing associations.” ┬áThis is the beginning of American hot rodding. Wonderful film.


1958 Film of Drag Races, Great Variety of Cars

Written by Ken Altes

Fantastic vintage drag race film, showing Art Arfon’s Green Monster with an Allison V12 aircraft engine, making the highest speed of the meet at 170 mph. There is a two-engine dragster, and lots of others. Enjoy.