1969 Camaro Z/28 in Pflugerville

Written by Ken Altes

My favorite Camaro, the 1969 Z/28 uses a short stroke, rev-happy 302 cu. in. V8 and heavy duty suspension that won SCCA’s Trans Am Sedan class in 1968 and 1969. Rated at 290 h.p, but actual horsepower was more like 360, or 400 with the dual four barrel carb option, at almost 7000 rpm.  Close ratio four speed  transmission, Positraction, front disc brakes and 0-60 of just over 7 seconds in a balanced, neutral handling car. Weighted 3500 lbs. Not sure this is the correct hood, though.  This engine is noted for its great high end power and smoothness.  I had an earlier but similar small block Chevy in my first car, a 1962 Triumph TR4, and that engine was exhilarating at very high rpms.

Camaro Z:28 in Pflugerville TXCamaro Z:28 in PflugervilleCamaro Z:28

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