Bentley Bentayga Downtown in Rainey ‘Hood

Written by Ken Altes

First sighting of this $225k++ SUV. Gets good reviews, powered by a W12 making 600 hp and 664 lb·ft of torque and will toss the Bentayga from 0-6o mph (0-100 km/h) in 3.5 seconds, slamming this 5300 lb. luxo-barge to 186 mph. Appropriately, the name, Bentayga,  means “carried interest” in Swahili. 

One comment on “Bentley Bentayga Downtown in Rainey ‘Hood

  1. If you know what a Bentley front looks like these days you’ll recognize it as a Bentley. But otherwise? Isn’t this every bit as ugly as the Lexus SUV which it very closely resembles? What an abomination…..

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