Almost Perfect 1955 Pontiac Sedan at Local Pub

Written by Ken Altes

Sitting outside my local watering hole, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co., was this lovely 1955 Pontiac Sedan. Has Pontiac’s first modern OHV V8, replacing a straight eight, at 287 cu in making about 200 hp. Bought at Johnson Pontiac in Colorado Springs. This Pontiac shared the A-body with  Chevrolets and some Oldsmobiles.

A quick search showed that in 1955, an employee, Monty E. Lasher, according to “the report of Dr. J. L. McDonald: “This man unquestionably had coronary occlusion with myocardial infarction on August 16, 1955. The first symptoms undoubtedly occurred while he was working under a car and pushing a transmission into place on August 12th.” Johnson Pontiac tried to withdraw its admission of responsibility for workman’s compensation when Mr. Lasher’s injuries were more severe than originally thought.1955 Pontiac Sedan in Austin Texas front1955 Pontiac Sedan dealer emblem postedjohnson Pontiac, Colorado Springs CO1955 Pontiac Sedan in Austin Texas1955 Pontiac Sedan in Austin Texas hood ornament1955 Pontiac Sedan in Austin Texas front view

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