1933 Brough Superior Readied for 4150 mi Cannonball Run

Written by Ken Altes

The Brough Superior in these 50 year old photos is the motorcycle currently being prepared by Revival Cycles in East Austin for probably the longest ride ever on a Brough — across the North American Continent.   Bryan Bossier, owner of Sinless Cycles in Baton Rouge, LA,  has loaned this 1933 Brough Superior 11-50hp, to well-known motorcycle journalist Paul d’Orleans and Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles for this year’s Motorcycle Cannonball Run.

1933 Brough Superior RV4330 with sidecar, historic photo 1933 Brough Superior RV4330 and sidecar 1933 Brough Superior RV4330 historic picture with sidecar

In March, I posted a few pics of this extraordinary motorcycle.  This particular Brough Superior was sold at auction not too long ago for more than $50k.  Historic pictures reveal that it was used with a sidecar at some point — which was common for this model, and that the gas tank has been changed.  It has a 1,096 c.c.  JAP (J.A. Prestwich) V-twin with side valves, an engine also used by other manufacturers. (This motorcycle might have a later 1935 engine.)

I mis-identified this as a SS80 in the earlier post, but this is a model slotted between the SS80 and the SS100, intended for long-distances.  It’s capable of 90+ mph, or 75 mph with a sidecar.   Good luck, boys.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.00.06 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 6.36.47 PMIMG_3433


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