1958 Chevrolet at Motoreum in NW Austin

Written by Ken Altes

This 1958 Chevy has radial tires and a newer steering wheel – I wonder how close to stock it is?1958-chevrolet-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com1958-chevrolet-in-nw-austin1958-chevrolet-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com1958-chevrolet-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-side-view

One comment on “1958 Chevrolet at Motoreum in NW Austin

  1. Dad had a 58 Impala, 348 & a Turboglide Transmission! Not a powerglide & before the Turbohydramatic & it would bury the speedometer up hill! That transmission went bad & no one had knowledge of it. Dad put in a powerglide & fuel mileage went to nothing & the cast iron powerglide put the nose down! The transmission was before it’s time! Next he got a 58 Biscayne, 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree that got great fuel mileage! One thing for sure, there is nothing made today with the styling cars had back then!

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