1953 Ford Customline Victoria Hardtop at Auction

Written by Ken Altes

1953 Ford Customline Victoria hardtop at a Leake auction in Dallas, Texas. Basically the same body from 1952-54, but this was the last year for the venerable flathead V8, replaced in ’54 with the modern overhead valve (OHV) V8. (The flathead was the hot choice when it was introduced in 1932, preferred by robbers including Bonnie and Clyde.)

These unibody cars weighed about 3300 lbs, motivated by the obsolete 239 cu in flathead V8 turning out 110 hp and cost about $2400. 128,302 Crestline Victorias were manufactured.

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2 comments on “1953 Ford Customline Victoria Hardtop at Auction

  1. That sure is a lot purtier than the 1953 Customline my dad had when I was a kid. Of course his was a four door sedan in Coral Flame Red, as I recall.

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