1952 Chevrolet, Almost, on E. 7th Street

Written by Ken Altes

I found this almost car at Eli’s Body Shop on E. 7th St. Eli said it was in the parking garage of an ad agency downtown, and it was giving to him recently. 1951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-3 1951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-21951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-4 1951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-61951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-51951-chevrolet-half-car-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-7

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