It’s NOT a Ferrari – What is it?

Written by Ken Altes

Found this mis-labeled car in far E. Dallas yesterday. I don’t touch the cars I photograph but I presumed it was fiberglass, but the rear hatch is badly rusted (wonder what it’s from – I looked at a few E Jags, not that). Also, the twin exhausts remind me of VWs. But the big tires seem to be too much for that power. What do you think?

Tatum Special Race Car at Laguna Seca Historics

Written by Ken Altes

Last month, I spent a glorious week of car shows, races and auctions, as well as the ridiculous number of remarkable cars flooding the area roads, surrounding the Pebble Beach show. Heading south from San Francisco, just north of Monterey, about eight identical McLarens passed me in a row. Incredible week.

Built by Chuck Tatum in his garage using Ford and Jaguar suspension pieces, and his own tubular frame, this Tatum Special was more than competitive. Surprisingly powered by a straight six GMC truck engine. Please read this short, interesting interview with Tatum. (Engine pic from link above.)