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Rare 1959 Factory 4×4 Ford F100 with Diesel Power

Written by Ken Altes

This very interesting third generation Ford F100 features factory four wheel drive. Before this, outside suppliers fitted the 4×4 system after truck assembly. Introduced in 1959, Ford beat GM and Dodge to this factory option. This particular truck appears stock except for a 4 cylinder Cummins 4BT 3.9 liter diesel powerplant. First available in 1983, the Cummins was widely used for delivery trucks to wood chippers, turning out 105 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. It’s a coarse-running motor with poor fuel consumption, and weighs about 800 lbs, about 175 lbs. more than the stock 272 or 292 cu.in Y-Block (Ford’s first OHV V8 engine design).


truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-quarter truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-quarter-2 truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-front-view truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-interiortruck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-tag truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-side-view truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-dashboard truck-1959-ford-4x4-diesel-rear-quarter

Old Austin: S. Congress Ave. Parts Store & T.O. Brooks’ 1938 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Written by Ken Altes

Brothers T.O. & M.F. Brooks owned this auto parts store on S. Congress Ave. — in the 1930s, it was called ‘San Antonio Highway.’ The Standard 1938 Ford Model 81B was a lot different than the Model 81A Deluxe, including a curvy grille, a more modern dash, instruments, an 85 hp (60 hp for the Standard Model 81B) engine, sliding gear 3 speed transmission, shaft drive and 3/4 inch floating rear axle.bcp-brooks-auto-partsbcp-truman-o-brooks-auto-parts-owner-5001-san-antoion-hwy-version-3

Old Austin: Swearingen-Armstrong Auto Sales, 202 W. 1st St., at Colorado St.

Written by Ken Altes

W.A. Swearingen founded this Ford dealership, later to became Leif Johnson Ford, with Jack Gray, an All American basketball guard at UT, and then UT’s basketball coach (1936-42, 1945-51). Gray changed basketball shooting technique forever by shooting with just one hand, the “push shot.” Multiple window signs say “Ford Leads the Way.” Two pictures show Gray as a player – in 1935, and then as a coach. The first two dealership pictures were taken in 1948, the last one in 1949, showing the classic Ford F1.swearingen-armstrong-auto-sale-colorado-and-202-w-1st-street-1949-aaa      jackgray19342       jackgrayswearingen-armstrong-auto-sale-colorado-and-w-1st-st-1948swearingen-armstrong-auto-sale-colorado-and-202-w-1st-street-1949-aaa-trucks