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On My Travels: Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini in Palermo, Sicily

Written by Ken Altes

I stumbled upon this beautiful Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini race car in a garage near the docks in Palermo. The garage owner gruffly dismissed me with a wave of his hand when I said I was from Texas. I was crestfallen that I would not be able get into his garage, but after a few moments, I meekly asked a mechanic if I could take a few pictures and he invited me inside. This car was completely covered and when I asked what was under the cover, the mechanic readily lifted the cover. I’d love to learn more about this car. Stanguellinis were highly engineered race cars that notched considerable racing successes. There is a Stanguellini museum in Modena, Italy.Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini in Palermo Italy Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini Palermo Italy emblem Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini Palermo Italy interior Fiat Trasformazione Stanguellini Palermo Italy in garageFiat Trasformazione Stanguellini Palermo Italy front

Iconic Fiat 500 in Central Rome

Written by Ken Altes

On my vacation, I have been looking for cars, as usual, but have seen few old cars and no modified cars. The only old cars so far are these iconic Fiats. Lots of small cars, very small cars and lots of station wagons. I’ll keep looking for something more interesting. Wikipedia says there are among the first “city cars.” Debuting in 1957 with two cylinders and 479 cc’s, giving about 17 hp, almost 4 million were made until 1975.Fiat 500, Rome ItalyFiat 500 in Rome Italy