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Andy’s Original 1966 Dodge Pickup in Allandale

Written by Ken Altes

Stumbled on this low mileage, original long wheelbase 1966 Dodge truck. Andy found it in Oklahoma and drove it home, said the trip was easy but loud. This survivor has the original straw headliner, has covered less than 60k miles. Powered by the famous Slant Six, a bulletproof motivator. Andy also has a 1972 Plymouth Scamp, and a 1966 Dodge Charger.1966-dodge-pickup-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-front 1966-dodge-pickup-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-rear 1966-dodge-pickup-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-interior1966-dodge-pickup-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com-engine1966-dodge-pickup-in-austin-tx-atxcarpics-com

1956 Dodge Coronet Wagon for Sale in Kerrville, TX

Written by Ken Altes

For Sale: My friend’s 1956 Dodge Coronet low production two door wagon. Original 270 cu. in. V8 and Powerflite transmission, not running. Found in New Mexico. Complete and ready for restoration. Has broken glass and rust in right side floor. Great project. $2000. Your winter hobby car. Contact me if interested and I’ll get you in contact with the seller. Car is in Kerrville, TX, and a great deal on a very interesting car. I love wagons!1956 Dodge Coronet wagon, atxcarpics.com for sale1956 Dodge Coronet wagon, atxcarpics.com engine1956 Dodge Coronet wagon, atxcarpics.com rear1956 Dodge Coronet wagon, atxcarpics.com front