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BMW K100 Cafe Racer in Rome

Written by Ken Altes

A few blocks from my vacation apartment I found quite a serious piece of work. If I have identified it correctly as a BMW K100, it was built between 1982 and 1992, with 987 cc’s. It was a new engine design with the advantage that the power shaft comes out the back in line with the driveshaft – a very efficient design. Double overhead cams and electronic fuel injection make good, smooth power.BMW Cafe Racer in Rome Italy BMW Cafe Racer in Rome, Italy

Honda Cafe Racer: 8/8

Written by Ken Altes

Last month I stopped in at Austin Moto Classics so see what I could see, and there were lots of great motorcycles outside and inside, some pulled apart, others too close to others for a good pic, but found eight motorcycles that I wanted to post. Here is the last one.  Thanks to Austin Moto Classics, linked at right.Honda Cafe Racer in Austin TX Austin Moto Classics on Sl Congress Ave, Austin TX