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BMW I3 at Vatican City

Written by Ken Altes

I’ve escaped Austin for an extended vacation in Europe, begun in Rome – don’t cry for me. After about a month here, I’ll work my way east towards Istanbul (I may try to capture the leader of ISIS while I’m in the area), then into central Europe. Apologies for the lapse in posting but I’ll try to pick it up, both with my best pics from Europe and from a stockpile of Austin area pics as usual. Here, the Polizia are using a silent BMW I3 to slide back and forth in front of St. Peters. (There are military guards in some many places, looking very alert and always with a finger to the trigger of their assault weapon.) I’ve been here about two weeks and cannot find many interesting cars in Rome – a few exotics (I see more of those in Austin, frankly), but the most interesting are the very small cars, mostly electric, appropriate for these ridiculously narrow, winding roads in the historic center of Rome. Also, there are old Fiat 500s, but not sure if hot rodding or customs are much of a thing here.BMW I3 at Vatican, Italy

Craig Smith’s Austin Handbuilt Custom

Written by Ken Altes

Craig Smith’s daily driver, 1992 jeep on a 2011 Crown Vic chassis with a 2004 Mustang V8, including traction control and electronic differential, that he put together in ten days. Brilliant, thanks for sending the pic! I asked Craig a few questions about his creation, here is what he said:
“The jeep I built from scratch every panel. The only pieces that are truly from a jeep are the front fenders and hood. Both are chopped and modified. Front racked forward. Chopped the cage welded it to the frame. Last year of full frame. Aluminum front subframe and suspension. 4 link w watts link in rear. Its skin and bones. Weighs 2100 with me in it. I’m 150ish.” Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.00.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.01.18 PM

1992 jeep