Steve Wertheimer’s Hot Rod 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

Written by Ken Altes

I cannot tell from my pics of this Cosmopolitan has the four-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission supplied by General Motors or the three-speed manual. The stock engine was a 337 cu. in. version of the Ford flathead, giving 152 hp, although this car has a lot of performance parts and is likely much more powerful.1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in Austin tx 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan interior 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan modified engine1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in Austin Texas

One comment on “Steve Wertheimer’s Hot Rod 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

  1. The Hydramatic transmission was not offered for the 49 Lincoln, so this is a 3 speed manual (you can see the outline of 2 pedals on the floor). Also, the 337 flathead V8 in the Lincolns were a modified version used in the large Ford trucks (F8’s) and was completely different engine than what was used in the Ford passenger cars and light trucks.

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