Steve Wertheimer’s Hot Rod 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

Written by Ken Altes

I cannot tell from my pics of this Cosmopolitan has the four-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission supplied by General Motors or the three-speed manual. The stock engine was a 337 cu. in. version of the Ford flathead, giving 152 hp, although this car has a lot of performance parts and is likely much more powerful.1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in Austin tx 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan interior 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan modified engine1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in Austin Texas

5 comments on “Steve Wertheimer’s Hot Rod 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

  1. The Hydramatic transmission was not offered for the 49 Lincoln, so this is a 3 speed manual (you can see the outline of 2 pedals on the floor). Also, the 337 flathead V8 in the Lincolns were a modified version used in the large Ford trucks (F8’s) and was completely different engine than what was used in the Ford passenger cars and light trucks.

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