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Mild Custom 1956 Chevrolet – Check the Paint!

Written by Ken Altes

I was delighted to see this beautiful 1956 Chevrolet custom in Payne Springs, Texas, near Cedar Creek Lake, southeast of Dallas, while coming home from Dallas – the long way. Love the blue drum brakes (doesn’t have to be discs to have color), the taillight with a bowtie, and the very subtle flames on the front. Clean!

1932-4 Ford Model BB 1.5 Ton Truck in Belton, TX

Written by Ken Altes

This old Ford truck has a good story attached to it, and it’s for sale. Notice the branches that grew into the grille. Dave Fisher has been in cars and trucks for his entire adult life, and has an amazing variety of vehicles for sale. His main line now is rehabbing and repairing heavy trucks. Great guy. Fisherbilt Custom Haulers, LLC, 7400 S Interstate Hwy 35, Belton, TX 76513. Call Dave at (254) 947-5868.